Join Payton for this exquisite class which will help you prepare to move into back bends with direct support of an expert teacher.


During this workshop you will learn a basic yoga flow to open up the lumbar spine and to connect the breath to oxygenate the spine and shoulders to get deeper into your backbend. We will also cover techniques to help you gain strength and longevity in the body.


One of the deepest lessons in the yoga practice is about bringing the energy up the spine and cleansing the nervous system. Backbends thrust  life force up through the central channel and burn through blockages along the way.  When things are difficult, scary and emotional it is hard to remain calm, breathe and think clearly. The guidance of an experienced teacher is crucial and I will be there to support you along your backbend journey, to direct your body and spine with sound instruction, and finally give the process back over to you when you are ready.


This class is designed for all levels - you can have years of experience or be completely new to exploring the world of backbending.

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