Bro'ga -  yoga for men

Bro'ga classes are run by Phil, especially for men.

Bro'ga sessions are tailored for helping men achieve greater flexibility along with the  great benefits a regular yoga practice can reveal.

Quite different to any exercise workout at a gym, yoga instead produces greater flexibility and rejuvenation for the body and mind. You are likely to leave a yoga session more energised than exhausted.


We run through standard sequences which will help you to become confident to eventually join any open yoga class. These classes are designed to be enjoyable and revitalising. You will  learn much of the yoga lingo and come to understand yoga practices.


In our purpose built studio, with our underfloor heating, we use bolsters, blocks and sandbags to complement your experience of yoga practice.


Absolute beginners are welcome. Bro'ga sessions are suitable for all levels.

Phil says "I tailor the classes to the levels achievable by the attendees. We all have to start somewhere, and starting is the first major step towards what could be a life changing practice."


The Yoga Hub runs many other events to help you feel like a member of a club. Sportsmen are also welcome as yoga practices are commonly used by professional sportsmen to enhance their training, warmup and warm down routines.


WHO: MEN ONLY - sorry ladies!

WHAT TO BRING: Yoga mat (we supply mats at $2 per session) Wear clothes which allow for movement and stretching. Commonly the guys wear T-shirts and shorts, but long sleeves & leggings are fine too. Yoga is practiced barefoot.

WHEN: Monday evenings  2019 @ 7pm - 8:15pm


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354C Pinnacle Street

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