I first started the practice of yoga in 2000, just as I was turning 40. I was looking for a more satisfying alternative to my ‘workout’ routine, which was fun, but left me feeling a bit disconnected from things. I had started a Buddhist meditation practice, and was struggling to quiet the mind enough to sit still! I fell in love at first asana, and soon discovered that yoga offered just what I was searching for: a complete practice for body mind and spirit - nothing is left out or sidelined. I took a year long teachers training at Stillpoint in Northport in 2004, and have been sharing my love for yoga ever since - it’s been my great privilege to guide folks towards greater health and wholeness through the powerful practices of breath, movement, stillness and clarity. It’s so joyful to witness as new yogis discover that their yoga practice can be their very dear friend: always there for them in just the way they need at that very moment. I’ve discovered that yoga is a lifelong way of being that continues to evolve- I have studied with many wonderful teachers since achieving my 500 hour certification, including Thai massage, longevity yoga, energy body techniques, reiki. I feel a deep respect and gratitude for the yoga lineage-a long line of people just like you and I who over thousands of years have developed and refined such powerful ways to integrate and live the whole truth of our lives. I love to offer folks a fun, warm, gentle environment where you can explore that edge of discovery through yoga’s proven techniques. My teaching style gently challenges students to release stress and tension, strengthen the body and mind, and learn to relax deeply. Each class is geared toward the needs of the group, the season, and the spirit.


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