Functional Strength & Yoga for Seniors with AnnMarie

4-week series: TBC

As you age, maintaining a healthy body and spirit is especially important. This series of Yoga classes is designed to improve your functional strength, stability and ease of movement. The program features core work, joint mobilization, and functional movements designed to help you develop a more stable, coordinated body for yoga and for the tasks of everyday life.


WHO: Prerequisite: You require the ability to climb a flight of stairs as well as to get down to, and up from a yoga mat (with or without the assistance of a chair)

Feel free to sign-up alone or with a friend.


What to Bring: Yoga mat (we rent mats at $2 per session)

WHEN: Fridays from 17 April - 08 May @ 1:15pm - 2:15pm (1-hour)

PRICE: $48.00+HST per person for the Series

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354C Pinnacle Street

Belleville, Ontario K8N 3B4

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