The Yoga Hub is a place where you can come and experience yoga in a safe, non-judgmental and welcoming space.  We believe that yoga can be practiced by everybody; men and women, all ages, shapes and sizes, regardless of religion, race or creed.


The Yoga With Shelagh library I love the short videos.  Belonging to the library allows me to practice yoga daily in my own home and my own time frame.  Some days I do one other days I may complete 2-3 videos.  The library listing is broken down in different categories making it easy to locate which ones speak to you on any particular day.

The yoga library allows me to achieve all the benefits of yoga, mind, body and spirit.  The reasonable monthly cost is worth its wait in gold.  Thank you Shelagh.  Without the library and being able to practice in my own time, I wouldn’t be where I am today with my peace of soul, and my strong body with new strength I never dreamed off.

At age 70, the benefits of yoga is above and beyond the gym.  Compliments an all around life.

I highly recommend joining Yoga With Shelagh Library, you will not be disappointed and the changes to your whole self will be amazing.  The flexibility of practice yoga in your own home and convenience, will give you no excuse to be better mind body and soul.

I love it.




I have been enjoying the Yoga with Shelagh videos since they began.

I won't speak to the overall benefits of Yoga but I will speak to my own experience and what I have garnered from the practice.


Physically and mentally I have not felt better in my life and I am 67. I am far more flexible, relaxed and generally healthier.

I have lost weight, reduced my blood pressure and reduced my stress (very important especially these days). I have made some other life style changes simultaneously however practicing Yoga has opened my mind up to and helped me commit to these changes. I believe that Yoga practice is at the center of these lasting improvements - the anchor. (I should also note that family and friends have noted positive changes in my appearance, demeanour and mood since I began practicing Yoga.)

Following the re-opening of the studio, I resumed "in studio" practice. There is value in being in the company of others in the studio - no question.

Yoga with Shelagh works to supplement the in studio practice.  It is convenient, offers a wide variety of options and is great value - super cost effective.


Friend's have said that committing to and attending a class after a work day is difficult. However with Yoga with Shelagh a short 10 or 15 minute class before or after work is at your fingertips - convenient and much easier to commit to. The "library" is always accessible from anywhere with internet connection, You can take Yoga with you on holidays or work travels.


Yoga with Shelagh offers various classes and lengths - full 60 minute classes as well as short classes. I doubt I would head out in the evening for a 15 minute class. If I want to do a brief class of say 15 to 20 minutes or even 30 minutes I just  open up my computer and do a class. If I want a 60 minute class that is also available.


Even before Covid but especially since it began, supporting local small business is so important. I believe that the cost for Yoga with Shelagh is more than reasonable and a small price to pay for the convenience, variety and overall health benefits that I enjoy.

You could spend more in a month on coffee (I did the math - less expensive than buying a medium coffee 3 days a week at a well known Canadian coffee shop)  and its way way better for you.





We look forward to meeting you by joining us at The Yoga Hub. You're sure of a friendly welcome.



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